Boards & Commissions N - Z

  1. OPEB Commission

    Follow how the town is managing OBEB (other post employment benefits).

  2. Pension Investment Committee

    This committee is tasked to meet with the Investment Advisor on a quarterly basis to review the investment results.

  3. Planning Board

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Planning Board.

  4. Portsmouth Prevention Coalition

    Learn about the goals of the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition.

  5. Probate Judge

    Educate yourself on the role of the probate judge.

  6. Prudence Island Planning Commission

    Browse through a listing of member serving on the Prudence Island Planning Commission.

  7. Prudence Island Water District

    Explore the Prudence Island Water District board members.

  8. School Committee

    Review the members serving on the Portsmouth School Committee.

  9. Sealer of Weights and Measures

    Identify the sealer of weights and measures.

  10. Service Area Citizens Advisory Committee

    Access information on the Service Area Citizens Advisory Committee.

  11. Solid Waste / Recycling Committee

    Seek information on board members serving on the Solid Waste / Recycling Committee.

  12. Tank Farm Development Advisory Committee

    View those on the Tank Farm Development Advisory Committee..

  13. Tax Assessment Board of Review

    Research the Tax Assessment Board of Review.

  14. Town Prosecutor

    Look up who serves as the town prosecutor.

  15. Tree Commission

    Gain information on the Tree Commission of Portsmouth.

  16. Tree Warden

    See who fills the role of tree warden.

  17. Veterans Honor Roll Committee

    Get information on those serving on this volunteer committee.

  18. Wastewater Appeals Board

    Gain more information on those serving on the board.

  19. Zoning Board of Review

    View the Zoning Board of Review for more information on zoning issues in Portsmouth.