1. Building Inspection

    Gain helpful information in regards to building inspections and building-related resources.

  2. Business Development

    Address questions related to business development.

  3. Canvassing - Voter Registration

    Explore the duties performed by the Canvassing Department.

  4. Emergency Management

    Learn about the role of the Emergency Management Department in the Town of Portsmouth.

  5. Finance Department

    Research the finances of the Town of Portsmouth.

  6. Fire Department

    See all of the services the Tow of Portsmouth Fire Department provides the community.

  7. Human Resources

    See how the Human Resources Department works for the Town of Portsmouth.

  8. Planning Board Administrative Officer

    See how the Planning Board Administrative Officer can help with your development or subdivision plans.

  9. Police Department

    Find out how the Police Department serves the community of Portsmouth.

  10. Portsmouth Multi-Purpose Senior Center

    Find out what the local seniors do and join in the fun!

  11. Public Works

    Access the Public Works Department for a summary of duties performed.

  12. Portsmouth Recycles!

    Find out about Portsmouth recycling programs and resources.

  13. Recreation Department

    Find out what the Recreation Department does in Portsmouth.

  14. School Department

    Visit the Portsmouth, RI School Department web site

  15. Tax Assessment & Collections

    Browse through information related to tax assessment and collections in Portsmouth.

  16. Town Administrator

    Find out who your town administrator is and what he is responsible for in the community.

  17. Town Clerk

    Research the role of the town clerk in the Town of Portsmouth.

  18. Town Planning

    Review the responsibilities covered by the Planning Department.

  19. Town Solicitor

    Check out who is currently serving as the town solicitor.

  20. Transfer Station & Solid Waste

    Gain more information on the Portsmouth Transfer Station and solid waste-related policies.

  21. Wastewater Management

    Determine the best way to manage wastewater in your area of Portsmouth.