Building Inspection

Documents & Departmental Forms

Inspection Department Responsibilities

The Department of Building Inspection is tasked with the following duties:
  • Building permit issuance
  • Clerical and technical support to the Board of Review
  • Depository of crucial data on building and mechanical construction, Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) permit history, engineering data, zoning and subdivision history, and similar data. The changing regulatory climate and developments in the building trades and construction industry requires that each member of the department engage in continuing education to stay current on the latest developments in their field
  • Enforcement of the following codes and ordinances:
    • Minimum Housing Code
    • Regulations that protect the handicapped and the disabled
    • Zoning Ordinance
  • Inspections:
    • Building
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
  • Other projects at the direction of the council and/or the administrator
  • Plan review
  • Primary resource to the other town departments on issues affecting their physical plant and the town's parks and recreation areas. This extends to regular safety and maintenance inspections at town playgrounds
  • Significant interface with a variety of state agencies including CRMC and DEM
  • Significant interface with the public

Correspondence & Expressing Your Views

From time to time the Zoning Board of Review receives correspondence in the form of letters and email from various persons interested in a matter pending before the board. At times, these communications are voluminous. Although the town makes its best effort to see that these communications are brought to the attention of the board, there is always the possibility that a few of the communications may not reach their intended destination. You may wish to attend the Board of Review hearing in order to be certain that your views are heard.

Prohibited Contact

State law prohibits contact of board members outside of the hearing process. Board of Review deliberations are quasi judicial. This means, in pertinent part, and among many other things, that only evidence properly introduced during the course of a public hearing can be considered by board members when they render a decision. Ex parte communications of any kind are inappropriate.

Making an Appointment

If you are concerned about the status of a matter before the Board of Review, the file on each petition is maintained in the town's Inspection Department and is available for viewing. It is recommended that you call ahead, to 401-683-3611, and make an appointment to avoid any inconvenience. Please note that due to budget constraints this office is not always open its general hours. It is advisable to phone before coming to the office.