How do I dispose of C & D and other waste and is there a charge?
Small loads for residents' personal projects only, up to one 32 gallon barrel or one car trunk load of construction and demolition (C & D), may be disposed of in the C & D bin at the Transfer Station at no charge, once per day. Pickup truck loads may be disposed of in the C & D bin for a $75 fee, once per day. Trailers will not be allowed. Vehicles such as vans and SUVs, if the amount to dispose of is over one 32-gallon barrel full of C & D, will be treated as a pickup truck and charged $75. This service is available only to residents with a valid Transfer Station sticker and is for residential C & D only.

In order to dispose of a pickup truck, van or SUV load, residents will be required to purchase a pass at the Tax Collector’s office in Town Hall located at 2200 East Main Road during regular business hours. You must provide your pass to the security guard when you arrive at the Transfer Station to dispose of your C & D.

C & D loads cannot contain tires, propane tanks, asbestos or other hazardous materials. C & D is not allowed in the compactor pits. Non-construction and demolition material must be separated from the C & D and placed in the appropriate bin or pit.

Mattresses or Box Springs – in recyclable condition – free if placed in the separate appropriate bin. If damaged or contaminated, the fee is $50.

The disposal fee for tires is $5, propane tanks are no charge, and refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers are no charge. Remove refrigerator doors. Place in proper bin.

All fees must be paid in cash. All items must be placed in the appropriate container.

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