Sandy Point Beach & McCorrie Point


On June 8, 2020, the Portsmouth Town Council refined operating guidelines for Sandy Point Beach and McCorrie Point.  These guidelines remain in place until further notice.

Sandy Point Beach and McCorrie Point open space area is open to RESIDENTS ONLY at this time.  

                                                  ATTENTION RESIDENTS

Beach Stickers are available now. To obtain a beach sticker, please provide your valid car registration showing your Portsmouth address and a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you have a 2021 transfer station sticker, you do not need a beach sticker. If you are:

    Military: please send a copy of your valid lease and your valid car registration 

    Second homeowner: please send your current tax bill and valid car registration

    Company car: you will need to present a letter on company letterhead from the President of the company, stating this person solely has use of this car, with a description of the vehicle and VIN and car registration to put license plate number on the sticker and your proof of residency (current tax bill or current lease)

Please mail to the Town Clerk’s Office, 2200 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI or drop in the Tax Drop box outside of Town Hall. 

A 1 to 2- week turnaround time is expected on Beach stickers, so please plan accordingly.  *Limit two (2) per household

Sandy Point Beach

This shallow, natural beach is located on the Sakonnet River at the end of Sandy Point Avenue and is great for families. Sandy Point Beach is equipped with changing rooms and restroom facilities during the swimming season. The Beach is handicap accessible via a walkway. Although currently utilized as a one-way exit, handicapped residents are able to utilize this walkway as both an entrance and exit from the beach.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach (see ordinance below). 

Operating Guidelines:

  • Resident Beach Pass parking only:
    • Transfer  Station Sticker holders do not require a beach sticker.  
    • To allow time for residents to obtain for free stickers from the Town Clerk Office, proof of residency is acceptable.
    • Stickers must be placed on the lower, inside corner of the driver’s side windshield.
  • The Beach parking lot capacity is limited to 65 cars, or 150 patrons.
  • There will be no lifeguards on duty, so visitors should proceed with caution while in the water and swim at their own risk.
  • The restroom will be closed for cleaning ten minutes each hour. 
  • Entrance and exit routes to the beach will be posted in accordance with RI DEM guidance.  
  • Sigourney Road is limited to resident only parking.  Parking permits are being distributed to residents on Sigourney Road.   

McCorrie Point

McCorrie Point is an open space area located at the end of McCorrie Lane.  McCorrie Point is an active neighborhood location with expansive water views.  There are no facilities, and this is always a "Use at Your Own Risk" area.

Operating Guidelines:

  • Resident Beach Pass parking only.
  • Entry and exit will be directed by one-way signs.
  • There are no lifeguards  and no facilities at McCorrie Point, so visitors should always proceed with caution while in the water and use this area at their own risk.
  • William Street and Annette Drive are limited to resident only parking.  Parking permits are being distributed to residents on these roads.

Guidelines for Both Areas

In addition to the above guidelines, all visitors to Sandy Point and McCorrie Point are required to wear face coverings when they are unable to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other persons at the beach. All groups must be limited in size in accordance with current RI Department of Health and state guidelines, and every group must be a minimum of 6 feet apart from other groups.  Visitors are also required to practice physical distancing wherever possible while swimming or doing other water-based activities.

Are Dogs Allowed on Sandy Point Beach?

Section 101-7 of the Code of the Town of Portsmouth says that dogs, with the exception of service dogs, shall not be allowed on the premises of any store or public eating place in the Town of Portsmouth and shall not be allowed on any Town-operated beach. Any owner shall not allow his dog, with the exception of services dogs, to be upon the premises of any store, public eating place or Town-operated beach.  Portsmouth does, however, have a very nice Dog Park!  Please bring your dog there and visit!